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Please don’t feed the fleas (& ticks)!!!


Now that spring is here, so are the fleas and ticks. We know you love your pet and hate to see them itch and scratch. The best method for flea and tick prevention is to start early and be consistent. There are many options when it comes to flea and tick prevention. At Kirk Veterinary Service we are dedicated to finding what works best for you and your pet.

The newest in flea and tick prevention is Nexgard. Nexgard is a flea and tick prevention “treat”. It is highly desirable and easy to give which makes it a win-win for pet owners. This prevention is given once a month and is only $18.50 no matter the size of your pet. The current sale on Nexgard is buy 6 get 1 free! You can also get a $50 rebate if you buy 6 months of Nexgard and a 12 months’ supply of Heartgard. That is an easy way to take care of it all in 1 stop!

The only repellent on the market that repels and kills fleas, ticks and mosquitos is Vectra 3D. This is a monthly topical that is available for your dog. If you have a dog that loves to play outside this might be the product for you! Currently there are 2 specials; buy 3 get 1 free, and buy 6 get 3 free and be put in a drawing for a free Lyme vaccine (available thru April 30th)! We also carry Vectra for cats & kittens. This is a monthly topical prevention for your feline friend. Vectra for cats & Kittens kills fleas and prevents infestation.

If your choice of companion is a feline then we would recommend Revolution. Revolution is a topical medication that is applied once a month. Thankfully it is a small amount of liquid. This medication covers fleas, ear mites, heartworms and an intestinal de-worming every month. Whether your cat is inside, outside or both Revolution would be the choice for you.

We understand that some owners are not good at remembering to apply monthly flea and tick prevention for their pet. If this is you then we recommend the Seresto flea and tick collar. This is a flea and tick prevention that lasts for 8 months. The current sale is a $25 rebate with each collar.

When it comes to keeping your pet safe during flea and tick season there are a lot of choices. For the best protection possible stop in or call us at 812-865-2329 and ask us how you can keep your furry friend protected.

Pet Care and Boarding - Orleans, IN - Kirk Veterinary Service

During April 21- April 26, Kirk Veterinary Service along with other area veterinarians will be hosting the annual Rabies Clinic. The Kirk Veterinary Service Rabies clinic with be from 5:30 – 6:30 daily (except Wednesday). On Monday April 21st, Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th the clinic will be held at the Kirk Veterinary Service. On Tuesday April 22nd it will be held at the Orangeville Community Building and on Thursday April 24th it will be held at the Leipsic Community Building.
The price this year is $8/ pet.

Pet Care and Boarding - Orleans, IN - Kirk Veterinary Service
Veterinary Care - Orleans, IN - Kirk Veterinary Service
Pet Care and Boarding - Orleans, IN - Kirk Veterinary Service
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